Kampot is an excellent choice for those seeking an affordable coastal retirement destination in Southeast Asia. It is especially enticing for expats on limited incomes or social security who want to experience the good life for less with the benefits of a considerably upgraded life of luxury compared to the high cost of living back in the U.S .

Retirees choose Kampot to live in a relaxed atmosphere and beautiful scenery. You can go around the city easily by walking, biking or renting a motorbike. It is the perfect place if you like outdoor activities such as paddle boarding, kayaking, and swimming.

Cambodia is a cheap place to rent property. A “decent” apartment might set you back $300 monthly or so in the capital. Move up to $500 plus and you’ll be “stylin’ it” at a serviced apartment with a gym and a pool. Take the leap to $1000 plus and you will truly be living the good life.

Learn more at https://internationalliving.com/countries/cambodia/kampot-cambodia/#:~:text=The%20province%20is%20incredibly%20rich,especially%20the%20Kampot%20Pepper%20plantations.